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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Policeman suspended after the Manila Hostage Tragic

MANILA (AFP) - – A fifth senior policeman in the Philippines was suspended on Friday amid further revelations of bungling in the chaotic end to a hostage stand-off that left eight Hong Kong tourists dead.

The Philippine government and police have been under intense pressure all week after admitting to mistakes in the handling of Monday's hijacking of a bus in Manila by a frustrated sacked policeman who was hoping to get his job back.

Eight of the tourists and the hijacker were killed in the final stages of the day-long siege, which saw an ill-prepared Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team attempt to storm the bus but fail to get in for about 60 minutes.

Manila's police chief, Leocadio Santiago, said Friday a senior officer who joined the SWAT assault without permission had been suspended.

"We all saw him on TV. He was in the area but he was not supposed to be there," Santiago told reporters, as he explained the reasons for suspending Superintendent Nelson Yabut.

The siege was broadcast live on television and viewers around the world saw Yabut joining the SWAT personnel without wearing a helmet, bullet-proof vest or any other protective gear.

Yabut was the fifth policeman involved in the assault on the bus to be suspended. Their commanding officer also took leave as part of his efforts to take responsibility for the tragedy.

Meanwhile, Chinese authorities, already furious over the Philippines' handling of the crisis, expressed further outrage after television footage showed a Philippine flag draped over the coffin of the gunman, Rolando Mendoza.

"The person who deserves a national flag at (their) funeral should be someone of heroism, decency and integrity, not someone who inflicts atrocity on innocent lives," the Chinese embassy in Manila said in a statement.

In reaction, the government moved quickly to have the flag removed, which Mendoza's relatives placed on the coffin ahead of his funeral on Saturday.

The Philippines had planned to send a delegation to Beijing and Hong Kong for a fence-mending visit, but the Chinese government said it wanted an explanation for the police actions before allowing any diplomatic courtesies.

"We think the most urgent task is to get as clear an investigation result of the incident as soon as possible," foreign ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said Thursday when asked about the proposed visit.

National police chief Jesus Versoza said on Friday it was too early to release any results of the investigations, and pleaded for patience.

"We have a lot of things to study so this might take a long time so please bear with us," Versoza told reporters.

It remained unclear on Friday who fired the bullets that killed the hostages in the final moments of the siege.

National police spokesman Senior Superintendent Agrimero Cruz said Thursday preliminary tests indicated all died after being shot by Mendoza.

But he conceded that more tests needed to be done and Verzosa did not comment on the issue on Friday.

The police had already identified inadequate equipment for the SWAT team, allowing the media to roam around the hostage site and bad crowd control as failures that led to the deadly ending of the crisis.

Media and security experts have said there were many other major blunders, such as not taking opportunities earlier in the day to shoot Mendoza.

The Philippine military weighed into the debate on Thursday, saying one of its US Special Forces-trained elite units was offered to the police but was not used.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Officers abusing there power should be punished!

When I’m browsing my facebook page, I saw one video that hook my interest. A video of students from PMI Bacolod who’s allegedly haze the freshmen students. On the video itself you can see a mistreatment of these officers to their subordinate that cause them to be tremendously hurt and beaten by their officers.

I don’t know why they have to do such things to their subordinate, which is I think not part of their curriculum. People might think that this is stupid, but YES! These are stupid act from officers itself.

Dapat bilang officer, ikaw mismo ang maging huwaran ng mga estudyante hindi yung sa inyo pa mismo nagsisimula ang mga kagaguhan na yan.
I don’t know why the people behind this video act like they are KING and they can beat their subordinates however they want.

You crazy people must send to jail, that was unethical attitude from an officer like you. You are disgrace to our country and you must be punished by law.
Law? Ooppss sorry…Is there a law for this kind of things? Oh I forgot they are from the Philippines and justice is for all those people who are in white-collar attire. Sorry to say that but I find it true!

I hope that the local government will take action about this mishandling of the officers to their subordinate and I hope that these people will be punished accordingly. Shame on you people who’s on this video!

Maging makatao naman tayo mga Pinoy! Sirang sira na nga tayo ganyan pa ang inaasal nyo, I admit I am not perfect but to do that kind of things? HELL NO! I am not tolerating that kind of things at sana matauhan kayo mga gunggong!

You can watch the video over here

Whose Fault? Hostage Drama in Manila Philippines

Wherever we are, and when we tried to read newspapers there is one topic on every front page of it - The Hostage drama in Manila Philippines.
But what is the big deal about this news and why all people are interested and getting hooked on this news. Is it because this is the talk of the town? Or maybe it is the news that shocks the nation?

For me, personally speaking as a Filipino I am not affected by this news unlike my fellow countrymen whose working abroad especially Hong-Kong, but of course my sympathy to the victim and to their relatives and love ones are there. I am not affected in the sense that nobody asks me about the situation and how are we going to handle these as a Filipino.

I must admit that this issue is not that simple, and to be honest with you when I watch the news and read some articles about the drama I felt that there is something wrong in between the person involved on the hostage taking ( Mendoza) and the people whose communicating with him (Media, Police officers, Relatives etc)

Why does these thing happen in the first place? What are the reasons why Mendoza comes up to this point of killing people? Is he under the influence of drugs? Is he stressed out or something? Or there is something “BEHIND” this drama? Well, nobody knows!

Actually when I heard the interview on one of the hostages that he had been released, I feel like Mr. Mendoza is such a nice guy, imagine those words coming from the victims saying that “At first we are scared at him, but after a while about 20 minutes we are not scared anymore” So it means Mendoza shows respect and good attitude to all the hostages – correct me if I’m wrong but whose hostage will say that their hostage taker is such a good man? Nobody right???

At the back of my mind there are questions that I need to be answered – Is it the hostage taker himself killed the hostages? Or the people who tried to assassinate the hostage taker? Well, this is another story and we all have no IDEA at all!
But what I know at this point of time that Mr. Mendoza is seeking for help to be back in the service, but why they don’t let that to happen and let this tragic become worst to the extent of killing our tourists who only want to see the beauty of our country and the people within.

To the government – how can you answer to this kind of situation? And what are the plans that clouded up on your mind to bring back the trust of the people outside our country?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Manila Hostage Drama: Philippine Tourism is Dead! 1 shot, 2 shot, Bang!

A recent incident shocks the whole nation when a former policeman hijacked one of the tourist bus with Chinese nationals and Filipino passengers together with the driver itself.

Hostages had been captives around ten in the morning, when the former policeman Rolando Mendoza seized the tourist bus from Hong Thai Travel.

At the window you can clearly see his messages all written in a white paper such as "Big mistake to correct a big decision" followed by "Big deal will start at 3:00 in the afternoon.

He released some of the hostages around 2:00 in the afternoon as what he had been promised. He demanded for few things like food and water. He also ask the media that he wanted to talk to his brother whose also a policeman assigned in Benguet Abra- a province in the Philippines.

Police assistance are on-standby while the chief of staff tried to communicate with the hostage taker, Mr. Mendoza refused to surrender despite of verbal communication in-between him and his superiors and member of the families.

At around 3'o'clock in the afternoon he declared a deadlock - It means anyone whose inside the bus will not be release until they agree with what he want.

First shot has been heard late afternoon, and a total of 8 people were killed and some are still in trauma of the tragic.

After a 12 hours of peace-talk between the hostage taker and the police man and his relatives, Mr. Mendoza armored with M16 Riffle refused the negotiation and instead he assassinate some of the hostages.

After few gunshots, Mr. Mendoza were been killed by one of Philippine National Police Sniper, with one shot on his head.

Philippine are now expecting a lower rate of tourist whose willing to visit the country after this incident and government are still investigating the real cause of the hostage drama.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Vicman needs a Helping Hand : He's knocking on your door!

Recently a friend of mine from the Philippines told me that one of lexorsoft employee had been involved in a very tragic accident happened last Saturday 18 of August 2010.

I saw some of his pictures uploaded on the internet by my college mentor whose helping him to gather some donations from friends and other people all over the globe reachable by the power of Internet.

A donation website has been immediately created just to accumulate the desired amount needed for the operations and all of us together with his family are still praying for a miracle that someone who has a good heart will help our beloved friend Vicman Calara to support him on his operation by providing a financial assistance in cash and in kind.

To all people out there who has a good heart, our friend is seeking your help for the success of his operation.

A cash worth $5,000.00 are needed for the operation and implanting of stainless steel over his two legs to be able for him to walk and to work for his family.

As what everybody saying, Vicman is a great guy and he should not suffer the pain that he's suffering right now.

Only God can help him, and of course with our financial help for the success of his operation. Let us go hand-in-hand as we help him by donating our precious amount located on this website A helping hand for Vicman Calara, kindly open up your heart and share our blessings.

God bless you Vicman, our prayers are yours!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

4 Years Anniversarry : Batang Balanga Blog 4 na taon na!

Today was my blogs 4th year anniversary. Four years of blogging to be exact, I can still remember my first post; Its all about myself and who am i. If you want to read my first ever post, you can check it out here or you can check my archives.

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Balanga City : Solid Waste Program

If you were from the City of Balanga, maybe you are very much familiar with this place: General Lim Street San Jose Balanga City. If you observed from the picture, mapapansin nyo na mga tambak ng basura ang tatambad sa inyo, despites of the note na "BAWAL MAGTAPON NG BASURA" I don't know, if they uneducated people na di marunong bumasa or sadyang makakapal ang mukha ng mga tao na nagtatapon ng basura dito.

No matter how hard the city of balanga tried to maintain the cleanliness of the city, kung may mga tao namang likas na manhid at patuloy na magtatapon ng basura, i believe that there's no point of fighting for the cleanliness. Pero kung tayo mismo na residente ang magsisimula ng kaayusan at kalinisan ng nasasakupan natin, maaaring the future generation will be benefited ng mga aksyon na gagawin natin ngayon. If you want your children to suffer from different illness or disease caused by unwanted garbage scattered all over our place, then go! Ipagpatuloy nyo ang pagtapon! But if you want to have a clean, fresh and eye refreshing environment then, we have to make a move! Don't let other people throw their garbage all over our place, at magsisimula to kung tayo mismo na residente ang susunod sa batas na nagsasabing bawal magtapon ng basura sa di tamang lugar.

Sa gobyerno naman ng Balanga City, siguro dapat mas maging mahigpit ang ordinansa na ipapatupad nyo para sa kalinisan ng Balanga.

Isa sa suggestion ko ay ang mga sumusunod:
1. Pagpataw ng Multa na di bababa o di tataas sa 1000 pesos para sa mahuhuling magtatapon ng basura.
2. Pagpataw ng kaparusahang maglinis ng siyudad ng balanga sa loob ng tatlo hanggang limang araw.

I am not saying na sundin ng government ng balanga ang suggestion ko, i am just giving you an idea on how to make our people aware about the situation.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Balanga City to Singapore with love

Sa may asawa, kapatid, anak, kaibigan, at kamag-anak na OFW.
At lalo na sa mga gustong mangibang-bansa...
Nais ko rin ibahagi sa inyo, ang natanggap kong email na ito.
Maaaring makatulong ito upang lalong maintindihan ng bawa't isa ang tunay na ibig sabihin ng pagiging isang OFW (Isa ako sa milyun-milyong kababayan natin). Tiyak na may mapupulot tayong aral dito.

Hindi mayaman ang OFW - We have this notion na 'pag OFW o nasa abroad ay mayaman na. Hindi totoo yun. A regular OFW might earn from P20K-P30K per month depende sa lokasyon. Yung mga taga-Saudi or US siguro ay mas malaki ang sweldo, but to say that they're rich is a fallacy (Amen!).
Malaki ang pangangailangan kaya karamihan sa amin ay nag-a-abroad. Maraming bunganga ang kailangang pakainin kaya umaalis kami sa Pinas. Madalas, 3/4 o kalahati ng sweldo ay napupunta sa tuition ng anak at gastusin ng pamilya.

Mahirap maging OFW - Kailangan namin magtipid hangga't kaya. Oo, masarap ang pagkain sa abroad pero madalas na paksiw o adobo (hindi kc agad nasisira ito) at itlog lang tinitira para makaipon. Pagdating ng kinsenas o katapusan, ang unang tinitingnan eh ang conversion ng peso sa dollar o rial o euro. Mas okay na kami na lang ang magutom kaysa gutumin ang pamilya.

Kapag umuuwi kami, kailangan may baon/pasalubong kahit konti, kasi maraming kamag-anak ang sumusundo sa airport o naghihintay sa probinsya. Alam nyo naman 'pag Pinoy, yung tsismis na OFW ka eh surely attracts a lot of kin. Kapag hindi mo nabigyan ng pasalubong eh magtatampo na yun at sisiraan ka na.

Well, hindi naman lahat pero I'm sure sa mga OFW dito eh may mga pangyayaring ganun.

Magtatrabaho ka sa bansang iba ang tingin at trato sa gaya nating mga Pinoy, kahit na masipag at mas may utak tayo kaysa sa kanila. Malamang marami ang naka-experience na nang pang-gugulang o discrimination to their various workplaces. Sige lang, tiis lang, iiiyak na lang namin kasi kawawa naman pamilya 'pag umuwi kami sa pinas.

Besides, wala ka naman talagang maasahang trabaho sa Philippines ngayon. Mahal ang bigas, ang gatas, ang sardinas, ang upa sa apartment. Tiis lang kahit maraming pasaway sa trabaho, kahit may sakit at walang nag-aalaga, kahit hindi masarap ang tsibog, kahit pangit ang working conditions, kahit delikado, kahit mahirap. Kapag nakapag-padala na kami, okay na yun, tawag lang, "hello! kumusta na kayo?".

Hindi bato kaming mga OFW - Tao rin ang OFW, hindi kami money o cash machine. Napapagod rin, nalulungkot (madalas), nagkakasakit (na-endoscopy ako), nag-iisip (nakapag-adjust na) at nagugutom (palagi). Kailangan din ang suporta, kundi man physically, emotionally o spiritually (especially ito) man lang.

Tumatanda rin kaming mga OFW - Sa mga nakausap at nakita ko, marami ang panot at kalbo na. Most of them have signs and symptoms of hypertension, coronary artery disease and arthritis. Yet, they continue to work thinking about the family they left behind.

Marami ang nasa abroad, 20-30 years na, pero wala pa ring ipon. Kahit anong pagpapakahirap, sablay pa rin. Masakit pa kung olats rin ang sinusuportahang pamilya sa Pinas - ang anak adik o nabuntis/nakabuntis; ang asawa/gf/bf may kinakasamang iba; ang kapatid nakuntento na lang na umasa at tumambay. Naalala ko tuloy ang sikat na kanta dati, "NAPAKASAKIT KUYA EDDIE!"

Bayani kaming mga OFW - Totoo yun! Ngayon ko lang na-realize na bayani ang OFW sa maraming bagay. Hindi bayani na tulad ni Nora Aunor o Flor Contemplacion. Bayani in the truest sense of the word. Hindi katulad ni Rizal o Bonifacio na kalayaan ang ipinaglaban. Mas higit pa dun, mas maraming giyera at gulo ang pinapasok ng OFW para lang mabuhay.

Mas maraming pulitika ang kailangang suungin para lang tumagal sa trabaho lalo na't parang mga ahas at parang mga amag ang mga kasama sa trabaho. Mas mahaba ang pasensya namin kaysa sa mga ordinaryong kongresista o senador sa Philippines dahil sa takot namin na mawalan ng trabaho at sweldo.

Matindi kaming mga OFW - Matindi ang pinoy. Matindi pa sa daga, o cockroaches which survived the cataclysmic evolution.

Maraming sakripisyo pero walang makitang tangible solutions or consequences.

Malas naming mga OFW, swerte ng mga buwayang pulitiko - Hindi umuupo ang OFW para magbigay ng autograph o interbyuhin ng media (unless nakidnap o na-maltrato). Madalas nasa sidelines lang ang OFW.

Kapag lilisan ng bansa, malungkot and on the verge of tears; Kapag dumadating, swerte 'pag may sundo (madalas naman meron); Kapag naubos na ang ipon at wala nang maibigay, wala na rin ang kamag-anak. Sana sikat kaming mga OFW para may boses kami sa Kamara.

Ang swerte ng mga buwayang pulitiko nakaupo lang sila at ginagastusan ng pera ng Filipino. Hindi nga sila naiinitan ng matinding araw o napapaso ng langis; napagagalitan at nasasampal ng amo; kumakain ng paksiw para makatipid; nakatira sa compound with conditions less than favorable; nakikisama sa ibang lahi para mabuhay. Ang swerte ninyong mga buwayang pulitiko kayo, sobrang swerte ninyo.

Matatag kaming mga OFW - Matatag ang OFW, mas matatag pa sa sundalo o kung ano pang grupo na alam nyo. Magaling sa reverse psychology, negotiations at counter-attacks.

Tatagal ba ang OFW? - Tatagal at dadami pa kami hangga't hindi pa natin alam kung kailan magbabago ang Philippines , kailan nga kaya?... o may tsansa pa ba?

Masarap isipin na kasama mo ang pamilya mo araw-araw. Nakikita mo mga anak mong lumalaki at naaalagaan ng maayos na kasama ka.

Masarap kumain ng sitaw, ng bagoong, lechon, inihaw na isda, taba ng talangka.

Masarap manood ng pelikulang Pinoy, luma man o bago.

Iba pa rin ang pakiramdam kung kilala mo at nakakakuwenttuhan mo ang kapitbahay mo. Iba pa rin sa Philippines; iba pa rin kapag Pinoy ang kasama mo except ('pag hambog at utak-talangka); Iba pa rin 'pag nagkukwento ka at naiintindihan ng iba ang sinasabi mo; Iba pa rin ang tunog ng "mahal kita!", "day, ginahigugma tika"," "Mingaw na ko nimo ba, kalagot!", " Inday, diin ka na subong haw? ganahan guid ko simo ba".

Iba pa rin talaga.

Sige lang, tiis lang, saan ba't darating din ang pag-asa.

Kung may kamag-anak kang OFW mapalad ka at wala ka d2 sa kinalalagyan namin at anjan ka kasama mo ang mga mahal mo sa buhay.

Kung OFW ka at binabasa mo ito, mabuhay ka dahil ikaw ang tunay na BAYANI ng lahing PILIPINO!!!