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Friday, December 12, 2008

Biggest Full Moon of the year....

Mark it on your Calendar, tonight you can see the biggest full moon of the year, according to NASA tonight is the biggest full moon because of the orbit of the moon is ellipse 50,000km from the earth than other and it is more brighter at approximate 30% than normal full moon that we've seen and an additional 14% on its actual diagram.

Since tonight is the biggest full moon of the year, people who are residing near to sea will experience the biggest high tide. Because full moon is affecting the lunar gravity, and this gravity will pull highest water with a few centimeters than normal.

Tonight's moon will be looks like this, see the difference from normal full moon.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Venus...Jupiter...and Moon...form into smiley face!!!

My friend in Philippines ask me if i saw the formation of the smiley in the dark sky last Monday when the Planet Venus, Jupiter and Moon formed into one and it forms like a smiley face in the sky, it's quite unusual because it is the first time that i've heard this kind of formation.

I think it will only happen once in a hundred or even thousand years, i don't know when is the next time it will happen again, and if will be happen again i hope i can see it with my naked eye.

Almost same incident happen when the Venus cover the Moon last March 2008 and it was really visible in Northern part of America.

Did anybody saw this formation last Monday??? How does it actually looks like? How i wish i'm one of the people who witnesses this once in a life time experience.

I think here in Singapore nobody is able to witness that formation because i don't even read in newspaper or even heard from the radio about this. Maybe all of the people here are not aware about this.