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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Somebody Flag my Blog!

It's such a bad day for me, i didn't know why somebody flag my blog.Is there something wrong with my posts? Did i hurt someone's feeling or did i say something objectionable? Hayy...wish that who ever Flag my Blog remove it. If you feel that i am hurting somebody or my post is attacking or hurting your personality well i'm sorry i didn't intend to hurt you, so to the one who Flag my Blog goodluck!

Anyway hopefully this flag will be removed soon. Hmmp....kwento na nga lang ako!

This afternoon i chat with my wife, since wla kmi mapag usapan she told me this "hon...boring naman kanta na lang ako makinig ka ha"

Since i love my wife no choice ako but to listen her angelic voice na parang nanggagaling sa kailaliman ng kanyang bukong-bukong. Joke wife is a good singer actually everytime na kumakanta siya dumidilim ang paligid. hehe i'm just kidding ulit. Seriously speaking my wife has a great voice madalas kami magvideoke when i was still in Philippines.

So while she was singing for me through YM todo ngiti naman ako sa camera kasi baka akalain nya na i'm not listening to her song, so while she was singing i move my head to the beat of her song atleast nakikita nya napapasabay ako sa kanta nya.

Dami nya kinanta sobrang dami i didn't recognize what song she's singin' basta ang natandaan ko lang eh kinanta nya ang aming walang kamatayang You and I, hindi yung kay renz verano ha...ung kay Kenny Rogers Chicken ung kinanta nya.

Sa background i heard my daughter parang nanunukso, we just laugh at her sabay sabi ng wife ko..hmp tama na nga.

So after that song, natahimik na naman kami pareho, well dahil sa wala uling maitopic pinanood ko na lang sila while they are eating there snacks.

Dahil sa sobrang boring at walang mapag usapan we decided to stop and off our each others cam sabay sabing..naku mamaya na nga lang tayo mag usap...boring...

Hayy...wish we have a lot of things to talk to.'s 12 midnight na...tulugan blues na, wish i was with my wife now. Miss her so much.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's my Hon's Bday....

Two years of celebrating her birthday without me on her side...Nakaka miss...but if i really have a way to be with her on her birthday why should i not take that chance, but unfortunately WALA! Kaya here I am...dadaanin sa blog ang greetings ko for my wife.

Message to my wife...::

Hon...How young are you hon? 19? hehe.., Anyway..another year has been added to your life, wish you to have a good health...I know that your facing some health problem right now, but as what i've always said we're here for you...This sounds corny but i really care for you. I know that you old ate AGE but you are still young at HEART!

Hon, sana maging ok na yung health mo i know na nahihirapan ka but the only thing that i can do is to ask the Guy up above to give you a good health...that's the only thing that i can do, and i know he has a heart and He will give you what we wish for.

Just keep on Thanking to the big Guy up above, cos he knows what you need and he knows what you don't. Just keep on moving hon...If you feel that your down and feel so unsure, just pause a seconds and take a deep breathe, but if you really don't know what to do I can offer my hand to hold you and we will walk together, and my shoulder for you to lean on if you feel tired of every problem.

I know that God is Good at hindi ka nya pababayaan... Happy Birthday Hon...and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! And i want the whole world to know that I'm so proud that you are my WIFE!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Boss... Chicks???

Marahil pamilyar ang alok na to kung tga Balanga ka.... If you are walking along the road of Condomart near Balanga Arcade you will hear this offer "Boss Chicks" especially in the middle of the night. Ilang beses na rin ako inalok ng ganitong serbisyo ng mga bugaw in the said area, but i always refuse, sa isip isip ko..."sino ba naman ang papatol sa mga babae na to, eh matanda pa sa nanay ko" Every time na maglalakad ako on the way sa terminal ng tricycle pauwi sa amin halos yan ang madadaanan mo.

I just think...buhay pa kaya ang ganung eksena sa Condomart...After so many years na hindi ako napapadpad dun siguro nman our City Mayor was done his part to clean that area. Before kasi, it looks like a Luneta sa Maynila na pwede ka mamili ng serbisyo ng isang tao para sa personal na pangangailangan.

If you will walk along the Condomart, you will see some group of girls with their bugaw na bading sitting on one dark corner, you cannot see their faces cos it's really dark but you can hear them laughing and talking so loud cguro for them to catch the attention of the people who passes by.

Before i keep on asking myself...did they have a family... anak o asawa, and what are the things that pushed them to do such thing...Actually they can earn for their living without doing such thing. Let say "tumanggap ng labada" kung walang pinag aralan o grade school lng ang tinapos..."mag apply na tindera sa grocery o palengke" siguro naman with that simple task kaya na nila maka survive.

Hmnnn....once i go back to philippines i will try to visit "Condo Mart" kumustahin ko ang mga lola at bading na nag aalok ng "Boss Chicks"

Saturday, July 18, 2009

We're 7 years!!!! and we're getting strong!

Mark it on your Calendar... this 20th day of July 2009 is our 7th Wedding Anniversary. I'm 26 now but still in love with my loving wife. Seven years had past but every words that comes from our heart was still fresh in my mind. I can even clearly recall every promises that we've made to each other during our special day.

This year is the second year na mag celebrate kami ng aming anniversary na malayo sa isa't isa.But even though we're far from each other andun parin ang pagmamahal and the promises that we will love each other till the end of time.

Sometimes in our relationship nagkakaron kami ng mga problema, but my wife and i have a strong faith na malalampasan namin ano mang problema na darating. We always put God on the center of our relationship so no matter how hard or how tremendous our problem is, we are still intact and together and willing to sacrifice for the sake of our relationship.

And after seven years i can still say this to my wife, actually i always say this word to her "Hon... no matter what happen i'm always here for you and for our children".

Happy anniversary Hon... hope we're together to celebrate this special day of our life.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Balanga City - Parenting Training

Balanga City Mayor Joet Garcia announced the on-going parenting training of day care workers and parents, both husbands and wives, in this city.

Participants in the parenting training are day care workers from the 26 day care centers in this city and selected 30 couples, who are parents of day care students here. The city mayor said parenting program will be taught soon to all parents of day care students in this city. He said the first batch of parents currently undergoing training will in turn train other parents of day care students in effective parental techniques.

Garcia highlighted the importance of effective parenting or child rearing in the first 3 to 12 formative years of children.

The city mayor said the parenting training is being undertaken in coordination with the City Welfare Development Office and in line with the EduChild Program which was introduced last year. Garcia is also considering installing air conditioning units in the city.

Butch Gunio with reports from MISO
Well, this is a good strategy mayor, i admire you and salute you on this program. Actually, mas maganda siguro if the parents that you chose was those who are not good with their children or ung mga magulang na walang pakialam sa mga anak nila o yung mga magulang na minamaltrato ang mga anak, in this case, if you make them treat their children in a right manner mas magiging effective ang programa nyo. You know why? cos in the eyes of their neighbors, kung ang mga taong ito na sinasabing walang pakialam sa anak eh suddenly naging active in raising their children in a right way eh mas magiging effective strategy sila on your program and there's a big possibility na gayahin sila ng mga ibang parents. Well i really don't know if it will works but it's just my opinion and suggestion. Kudos to you Mayor Joet.