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Friday, July 10, 2009

Balanga City - Parenting Training

Balanga City Mayor Joet Garcia announced the on-going parenting training of day care workers and parents, both husbands and wives, in this city.

Participants in the parenting training are day care workers from the 26 day care centers in this city and selected 30 couples, who are parents of day care students here. The city mayor said parenting program will be taught soon to all parents of day care students in this city. He said the first batch of parents currently undergoing training will in turn train other parents of day care students in effective parental techniques.

Garcia highlighted the importance of effective parenting or child rearing in the first 3 to 12 formative years of children.

The city mayor said the parenting training is being undertaken in coordination with the City Welfare Development Office and in line with the EduChild Program which was introduced last year. Garcia is also considering installing air conditioning units in the city.

Butch Gunio with reports from MISO
Well, this is a good strategy mayor, i admire you and salute you on this program. Actually, mas maganda siguro if the parents that you chose was those who are not good with their children or ung mga magulang na walang pakialam sa mga anak nila o yung mga magulang na minamaltrato ang mga anak, in this case, if you make them treat their children in a right manner mas magiging effective ang programa nyo. You know why? cos in the eyes of their neighbors, kung ang mga taong ito na sinasabing walang pakialam sa anak eh suddenly naging active in raising their children in a right way eh mas magiging effective strategy sila on your program and there's a big possibility na gayahin sila ng mga ibang parents. Well i really don't know if it will works but it's just my opinion and suggestion. Kudos to you Mayor Joet.

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