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Friday, December 21, 2012

My final year in Gregorian Calendar

"Kalabaw lang ang tumatanda!"

When i was in Secondary School and even during my College days, i don't really pay attention with my age, which is i believe most of you have the same thought with me. During those days i only care about myself going to school and have fun.

Before, every time i heard someone saying "O wala ka na sa kalendaryo, tumatanda ka na" it always put a smile on my face and i will do the second the motion telling them "Oo nga tumatanda ka na" with matching evil laugh... bwuahahahaha....

But now, there's no turning back! I can't really hold back the time and my age, recently i celebrated my 31st Birthday and yeah I am 31 now and my final year in Gregorian Calendar. 

Within my 30 years of existence, there are good and bad things that happen in my life and i can't even count it even if i combine all my fingers in both hands and feet. But then, I'm so thankful that during those long years i am capable of handling all the ups and down that comes along the way.

Let me tell you guys, who and  where i am before my final year in Gregorian Calendar.

  • 1981 (Actually, i'm not really sure if it is my year of birth - ever since kasi na magkaisip ako i am using 1982 as my year of birth on all my documents until i find it wrong when i apply for my first passport wayback in 2000)
  •  1989 (My first step at the main gate of Balanga Elementary School na kilala na yata ngayon sa pangalang Balanga Integrated School.
  • 1995 (Time to wave my hand to my primary school teachers)
  • 1999 ( End of High school life. One of the happiest and memorable part ng buhay ng isang tao... Agree ba kayo?
  • 2002(Get married at the age of 20 and 3 months after our marriage, my wife gave birth to my little princess Charvin Ashley.
  • 2004 (uwido moment, memorable ang bawat taon namin sa UWIDO dahil first family business to)
  • 2007 (First overseas flight bounding to Singapore, ito rin ang first time ko umalis ng bansa at iwan ang family para makipag sapalaran.
  •  2008 (My second child Charvin Micron sent to us, as an unexpected gift after 7 years of waiting)
  • 2010 (God gave me another blessings - Charvin Rav Jared)
  • 2011 (Got my first car ever)
  • 2012 (My final year at Gregorian Calendar) and i'm looking forward for more blessings in 2013 - Preggy si misis so mukhang ayos ang 2013 ko...hehehe

What you've read is just a partial moments of my life, wala pa dyan ang mga trials na dumating sa buhay ko at ng family ko.

Sobrang kulay ng buhay ko, sabi nga nila pwede nang gawin telenobela ang kwento ko. Mula sa hirap ng buhay pagkabata, magtinda ng Yosi, maging assistant doctor(wag nyo na tanungin kung doktor ng ano), Jollibee Crew, Sumama sa mga tambay na Kurudo Boys ng Riverside hanggang sa pag aralin ng ate ko ng college, nag working student din ako kagaya ng iba para may pang suporta pa rin sa pag aaral kahit na may allowance na mula sa ate ko. Hanggang sa maging Computer Facilitator sa Balanga Elementary School, nagturo ng mga bata mula Kinder hanggang Grade 6. Nakakatuwang isipin na napakalayo na ng nilakbay ko mula sa isang tindero ng sigarilyo ngayon isa na akong ganap na professional dito sa Singapore, binigyan ng malaking responsibilidad sa kumpanya, itinuring na mahalagang tao sa kumpanya dahil sa abilidad at sipag.

Sa ngayon ako ay isang simpleng taong nangangarap pa rin na sana bumalik ako sa pagiging bata, gusto kong maranasan ko ulit ang maglaro. Pero alam kong hindi na yun mangyayari, dahil iba na ang kinatatayuan ko ngayon at may mas malaking responsibilidad ang sa akin ay naka atang.

Ang mahalaga sa akin ngayon ay ang maitaguyod ang pamilya, mapalago ang negosyo at magkaroon ng napaka sayang pamilya at kumpleto sa lahat para di na maranasan ng mga anak ko ang hirap na pinagdaanan ko.

Thank you for the 31 years, sabi nila matanda na daw pag wala na sa kalendaryo... Ok lang yun, may Lotto pa naman hanggang 45 yun... after that Bingo naman ang bubuwagin natin... hanggang 75 yun.. So mahaba haba pa ang pagsasamahan natin...

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kahit Maputi na ang buhok ko - 50th Wedding Anniversary

Habang ginagawa ko ang video ng parents ko bigla ako napatahimik at natanong ko sa sarili ko "Aabot kaya kami ng 50 years" Maraming mag asawa ang naghahangad umabot ng gintong anibersaryo ngunit iilan lamang ang may matibay at matatag na pundasyon para malampasan ang lahat ng problema.

Isa sa mga dahilan ng hiwalayan ng mga mag asawa ang problemang "third party", problemang "pampamilya" at problemang "pinansyal" Pero kung lahat ng nabanggit kong problema ay kaya nating paglabanan sigurado akong lahat ng ikinasal ay aabot ng gintong anibersaryo.

Sabi naman ng iba, naghihiwalay daw ang mag asawa dahil hindi na nila mahal ang isa't isa. Hindi ako naniniwala sa dahilang yan dahil ang pagmamahal ay di nawawala sa puso ng tao.

Ako kaya??? kami ng asawa ko?? aabot kaya kami sa hangad naming golden anniversary? Alam kong maraming problema sa aming relasyon at alam kong hindi madali ang aming pinagdadaanan. Pero alam ko sa sarili ko na basta may tiwala tayo at pagmamahal sa isa't isa hinding hindi masisira ang ating pamilya.

40 years na lang ang hihintayin natin myluvs at mararating na natin ang ating Golden Wedding Anniversary. Sa mga taong gustong sumira o nagbabalak sumira ng ating relasyon sorry na lang kasi subok na subok na namin ang isa't isa.

Expect the unexpected: 8 months to go to meet my new Baby - Balanga City

Balanga City, Bataan -  Yes! I guess this is the perfect timing for me and my wife to have our youngest and hopefully NOT our last cos I’m thinking of having a very big family – A number of children that when we walk on the road together people will surely have a second look and say OMG!

Although we didn’t expect that she will get pregnant this time due to her condition, both of us are still hoping that maybe someday she will get pregnant. And I guess the Lord hears what we prayed for, and I guess it’s a God given gift for us and to unite us once again after our almost 2 years of trials that tests our strong faith and trust with HIM!  

Anyway, after she undergoes an operation before her delivery of our youngest son, we are all well-versed that it is not advisable for her to have another child. It is not because she’s unable to pregnant but it is because of her condition that might able to put her at risk. The fact that her left ovary was being removed due to some disease, me and my wife didn’t lose any hope that if it is for us then God will give it to us.
To cut the story short, I have decided to bring my wife here in Singapore just to have a good rest and to keep her away from all the pain that she’d been through all these years. Since I promised her that I will bring her here in Singapore after my last vacation in the Philippines and i keep that promise so I immediately book her flight right after that.

We enjoy every moment that we are together, and even though I am too busy with my work I always make it sure that once we have time together I will make it memorable and full of fun.
The good thing with my wife is she’s not a materialistic person – she’s happy enough with whatever things you give to her. Even if it is a simple ice cream to puff or just a simple food to eat she’s happy with that.
I know I didn’t give much to her but one thing I’m sure every moment that we were together are MEMORABLE! And that’s priceless!

After a month of vacation it’s time to say goodbye to her – she have to go back to the Philippines to go back to the role of being a MOTHER to our children. Her one month DAY OFF has been paid off with laughter, more bonding, more trust and love with each other.

She left the city of Singapore with a happy thoughts and treasured memories with me and the rest of the people at home. And now I am very much proud with head up high to say that YEAH! I’m a FATHER once again! Made in Singapore!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Amalayer trending topic na

Amalayer (I'm a liar) #AMALAYER a new word that just recently added in human's vocabulary and now become the talk of the town especially by netizens.

Amalayer becomes an expressions by people in social networking Amalayer has become a trending topic nationwide as people expressed outrage right after an scandalous act by a passenger at LRT station - Manila Philippines.

A security guard was being humiliated by the so called "AMALAYER" lady - Paula Jamie Salvosa after she gave a warn for using the wrong entrance.

In the video—which has gone viral since the incident happen—the angry passenger was heard as saying “So you’re telling me I’m a liar? I’m a liar? I’m a liar” which sounded like “amalayer? amalayer? amalayer.”

You can check the amalayer video here.

Kayo na bahala humusga... let me know your thought with this Amalayer lady

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bataan All Star - Ang buhay ay isang laro

A very inspiring production from Bataan All-star. Yan ang pinatunayan ng mga Bataenos sa kanilang latest video for the upcoming UCAAB.

For sure marami ang makaka relate sa tema ng kanilang theme "Ang buhay ay isang laro". And if you would go deeper think about it totoo naman talaga na ang buhay ay isang laro, isang laro na tayo mismo ang gumagawa.

Most of the time we are thinking that life is unfair and why we are unable to get what we want, and why we're unable to get our goal and plan right away.

Kagaya ng isang laro, kailangan mong sumugal, kailangan mong planuhin ng mabuti at kailangan mo ring magtiwala sa sarili mo kung gusto mong manalo sa laro ng buhay mo. Kung magtitiwala ka lang sa iyong sarili at maniniwala ka na may Dios na laging nandyan para gabayan ka sa laro ng buhay mo sigurado ako matutupad ano man ang nais mo. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Overpass Pedestrian To Rise In Balanga - Kumusta na kaya?

It was a dream come true to all the people of Balanga especially for those who are working and studying at Bataan National High School when Congressman Abet S. Garcia and Mayor Joet Garcia announce the ground breaking of the new city project that will help people especially those pregnant and partly disabled pedestrians to cross the road with ease.

A 27 meters overpass bridge are planned to be erected at the Roman Super Hi-way connecting bridge to help students, teachers and other pedestrians crossing the delinquent road.

I still remember what Congressman Abet Garcia quoted during the ground breaking ceremony that day.
“With the pedestrian overpass, students and other pedestrians will have a safe passage without the need of traversing direct to the wide highway,” 

After few months after the ground breaking held last May this year, and i'm just wondering what are the progress now? Actually the bridge are targeted to finish by August this year.

Accident to that road is not new to all the people of the city of Balanga due to its wide and slope road pedestrians are having difficulty traversing to other road. But with the help of the new overpass people are expected to have a safe and peaceful journey.

To the city government of Balanga, thank you so much! We are looking forward for new face of the city.

Oppa "Balanga City" Style

Yes, the title says it all! Oppa "Balanga City" Style. As the new sensation dance music is making history not just in Korea but even in Hollywood.

Magpapahuli ba naman ang City of Balanga dyan? Of course not! Kanina, while i'm searching for Oppa Gangnam Style video on i found this version of World Sensation "Oppa Gangnam Style ng Balanga City.

Watch and Enjoy!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

4 Years - And the sadness still killing me!

If you gonna asked yourself, what would be the perfect gift you would give to someone you love?
  1. Material? Hmmnn...Pwede.... admit it or not, most of us are into materials, and once we have a celebration or any gathering; material gift is always on the top list.
  2. Money? Good idea huh? But is it worth giving money to someone who don't even know how and where to spend it?
  3. Love and Affection? That's what i'm talkin' about! To me as a person, love and affection is a kind of gift that no amount of money can buy. Yes sometimes we misuse it, but hell yeah this gift is extremely worth giving to someone you love. For sure some of you  will laugh at me or maybe smiling right now and at the back of your mind you'll probably say "This guy is too corny" yes i am! Call me "corny", call me "kill joy", call me anything you want. But for me love and affection is the only gift that i can give to someone i love...
Tomorrow 28 October is my son's 4th Birthday and as usual, he will celebrate it without me on his side. Saddest part? I don't even have a chance to celebrate his birthday even once! Cool isn't it? Yeah i know it's not cool! But what can i do? I am thousand miles away from him, distance that separate us, distance that causes so much pain in me especially right now!

If i would be given a chance, i will fly off to the Philippines not to celebrate, but to tell him how much his papa loves him, and how happy i am that even we're thousand miles away from each other he "as my son" knows that i love him so much, but ofcourse not just him but his siblings as well.

So, daanin ko na lang ulit sa blog ang message ko :)

... Micron anak... alam ko kulang ang birthday mo, dahil bukod sa kakagaling mo lang sa hospital, wala pa akong magawa para umuwi at makasama ka sa birthday mo. Alam ko naiintindihan mo ang sitwasyon ni papa, at alam ko na kahit na bata ka pa malawak na ang pang unawa mo. Maaaring sa ngayon di mo to mababasa at maiitindihan pero pag dating ng panahon sigurado ako maiintindihan mo rin to.

Micron anak... alam ko na nasa stage ka pa ng paglalaro at ineenjoy ang pagiging bata. Sige lang anak, i enjoy mo ang buhay bata, na minsan kong hinangad sa buhay ko. Maswerte ka anak kasi naranasan mo maging bata, naranasan mo magkaroon ng mga laruan na gusto mo na minsan ko ring pinangarap para sa sarili ko nung bata pa ako.

Anak lagi mo sana tatandaan na mahal na mahal ka ng papa, at ginagawa ko ang lahat para sa'yo at sa mga kapatid mo. Isa lang ang gusto ng papa, ang lumaki kayo na may pag galang sa magulang, may paniniwala sa Diyos at lumaki kayo ng hindi huli sa lahat ng bagay sa mundo.

4 years old ka na anak, and this coming school year papasok ka na sa eskwela. Gusto ko sana sa unang araw ng pag pasok mo sa eskwela ako ang maghahatid sayo, kagaya ng ginagawa sa akin ng tatay ko nung bata pa ako.

I love you so much anak.... Ipabasa mo kay mama mo ang message ko para sayo..  o di kaya naman mag Skype tayo at ako ang babasa para sayo. Parang story telling lang na lagi natin ginagawa tuwing umuuwi ako ng pilipinas.

Lagi mo tandaan that PAPA LOVES YOU SO MUCH!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Chance of a lifetime!

"Ano ang katangian ng isang taong dapat iniingatan? Ito ay yung taong hindi ka iniiwan kahit napaka hirap mong pakisamahan"

Hindi lang ata isa, dalawa o tatlong beses akong nagkamali sa laro ng aking buhay. May mga pagkakataon pa nga na halos sumuko na ako sa lahat ng mga nangyayari. Kaliwa't kanang problema ang minsan nang sumubok sa aking pagkatao na halos bumago ng aking buhay at karera. Ngunit sa kabila nito, nariyan pa rin ang pag asa na muli akong makaka bangon, haharap sa lahat ng buong tapang at pagtitiwala.

Hindi sa lahat ng oras makakatagpo tayo ng taong aakay at tutulong sa atin sa bawat sandali ng ating buhay. Minsan akala natin kayang ituwid ng pagkakamali ang isang pagkakamali pero ang katotohanan "Walang pagkakamali ang naituwid ng isa pang pagkakamali"

Walang wala sa isip ko  na ang pag-uwi ko pala sa Pilipinas ang isa sa magiging paraan kung paano maiaayos ang buhay ko, buhay na minsan akala ko tuluyan nang mapupunta sa wala. 

It was not good day for me when i fly back to the Philippines and with a different plan in mind, lumipad ako lulan ng Tiger Airways flight DG7793 at kagaya ng nakagawian naka upo ako sa aking paboritong seat 7C, may dahilan ang lahat at alam kong wala tayong magagawa sa itinadhana na sa atin.

To make the story short, hindi natupad kung ano man ang nasa isip ko.

I know that this is a God's will, hindi nya hahayaan na mangyari ang isang bagay kung alam nyang walang maidudulot na mabuti sa ating buhay.

Sa bawat araw na kasama ko ang aking mga krayola, naramdaman ko na iba pala talaga ang pakiramdam pag alam mong kumpleto ka. Sa tulong ng aking mga krayola unti unting ibinalik sa aking alaala ang lahat ng masasaya at nakakatuwang sandali ng aking buhay kasama ang aking asawa.

Pinatibay pa to ng kanyang pag aalaga, pag aasikaso at pagpaparamdam kung sino at ano ba sya sa buhay ko. Maraming tanong sa isip ko ang binigyan nya ng kasagutan, mga tanong na hindi ko nasagot habang kami ay magkalayo at isang bagay lang ang napatunayan ko sa sarili ko "WALANG IBANG MAGMAMAHAL SA AKIN KUNDI SYA LANG" Sya na ibinigay ng Dios sa akin para maging kapareha at kakampi sa bawat hamon ng buhay.

At kung ano man ang mga naging pagkukulang at pagkakamali ko sayo MYLUVS KO hayaan mong palitan ko to ng mas malalim na pagmamahal at habang buhay na kaligayahan. I'm sorry myluvs, i should not hurt you that way. Alam kong maraming di magandang nangyari sa atin pero hindi dahilan yun para masaktan ka ng ganyan.

Sa lahat ng mga makakabasa nito isa lang ang payo ko sa inyo "Magpasalamat tayo kung makakatagpo tayo ng isang taong handang tumanggap sa atin sa kabila ng ating kahinaan at pagkukulang." 

Sabi nga ng aking myluvs "Kung paulit ulit mo man akong saktan, paulit ulit pa rin kitang papatawarin at tatanggapin" Kung isang libong beses mo man akong saktan, isang libo't isang beses kitang uunawain" Kasi mahal kita :)

Lesson learn and wake up call na rin para sa akin. Anyway here's the video na ginawa nya sa akin 10 months ago na ilang beses ko ring iniyakan

Monday, February 6, 2012

Philippine Earthquake survivors still under search and operation

Rescuers in the Philippines dug through rubble with shovels and their bare hands Tuesday after a powerful earthquake triggered landslides, collapsed homes and killed dozens of people.

The 6.8-magnitude quake hit a narrow strait between the heavily populated islands of Negros and Cebu around lunchtime Monday with more than 200 aftershocks, some nearly as strong, causing further panic throughout the day.

Local military chiefs said 43 people were confirmed killed, but officials warned the death toll may rise. Dozens of others are feared injured or missing with landslides having blocked roads for rescuers in mountainous areas.

"Heavy equipment we've requested from the provincial government has not arrived yet, because the roads and bridges are impassable," said Senior Inspector Alvin Futalan, police chief of Guihulngan town on Negros that was among the most heavily damaged.

"We are using our hands and shovels to search in the rubble," he told AFP.

Thirty-nine people were reported killed in Guihulngan, a coastal city of 100,000 people flanked by mountains that was close to the quake's epicentre.

The city's public market, court house and private homes in the area had collapsed or were damaged, while landslides buried some houses completely, according to Fatulan.

He said the city's overwhelmed 42-man police rescue squad had been joined by hundreds of army troops and volunteers in clearing debris as they raced against time to find people still believed missing.

"The army (troops) had to walk about 50 kilometres (30 miles) from the last stop reachable by vehicle to reach us," Fatulan said.

Guihulngan is about 90 kilometres to the north of Dumaguete, the capital of Negros Oriental province that covers the southeastern edge of Negros where the worst impacts of the quake were felt.

With rescuers still to reach remote hinterland communities, Negros Oriental governor Roel Degamo said he feared there could be more unreported casualties.

"Sadly, we expect the death could still rise," Degamo told AFP.

Degamo said telephone communications in some parts were also cut off, leaving information from remote regions unobtainable.

He said the public was still in a state of shock and fearful of returning to their homes after dozens of aftershocks.

"We've also had to stop our search efforts from time to time and run to safety because of the aftershocks," he said.

Cebu, the Philippines' second biggest city with 2.3 million residents and a popular tourist destination, was 50 kilometres from the epicentre and shook violently during the initial tremor but no deaths were reported there.

The Philippines sits on the Pacific "Ring of Fire" -- a belt around the Pacific Ocean where friction between shifting tectonic plates causes frequent earthquakes and volcanic activity.