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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ganda ng Bataan - The beauty of Bataan on Kris TV

Watch the beauty of Bataan - In today's episode of Kris TV, Bataan was featured as part of their month-long celebration for their second year anniversary.

Salamat Kris for featuring our beloved province - Bataan. Actually, when i was watching your episode,  para kong naramdaman na isa rin pala akong turista. Marami kasi sa mga lugar sa Bataan ang hindi ko pa nararating.

Like what i've always said.. Mahirap talaga maging turista sa sarili mong bayan.

Sa mga kababayan ko na hindi nakapanood dahil may trabaho eto ang video para sa inyo. Enjoy...

And for those people who are planning for vacation, please consider Bataan as your next travel destination. Good Food, Good Atmosphere, Good People yan ang ipinagmamalaki naming mga BataeƱo.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Birthday Message

"Batang Balanga in da hauz! "

OMG! As in OMG tlga... This is a quick post cos i'm at work right now.  Anyway,  there's nothing special with this blog post; but the person whom i sending this message is very special to everyone.

But Anne, before i give you my message, let me start it by congratulating your parents (Kuya Carlo and Ate Edlyn) for raising you in a very special way. To Kuya Carlo and Ate Edlyn, I know that it is not easy for you to raise Anne cos you are working for the whole day and the only way that you can be together is during your off day but despite of that you still manage to handle it on your own way and i salute you on that.

Ok, let's back to you Anne :) well, all i wanna say is "Happy Birthday". Now is your day so enjoy and have fun :) ... yes, it is not "just" your ordinary day cos today is a very remarkable day and one of the most special moment of your life that need to be treasured.
By today you should totally change your perceptions in life, from being a Teen to Adulthood and i hope that those 17 years that had past should be use as your stepping stone for your future "Pulutin ang tama itapon ang mali". And now that your 18, i hope that your mindset will be on the adulthood side....  so enjoy every minute of it...

I know that being a teenager is so much fun, but there's a lot of rules - "you cannot do this.. you cannot do that" yan ang madalas naririnig natin during our teenage years. Aminin.... :) But don't get mad with your parents or don't give them an attitude everytime na makakarinig tayo ng sermon from them. (When you become a mum/mom/nanay/inay/mama/mommy/ maiintindihan mo rin. :)

You have to face the reality now Anne, you are now entering the most challenging part of a human's life ang pagiging "Adult" marami pa ring do's and don'ts and pagiging adult pero mas exciting at challenging cos we need to make a decision on ourselves, we cannot always rely on "mama" and "papa" or kay daddy.

I know that they raise you in a good way, although non are perfect but i know they tried and do their best just to be a good parents to you, and i know they did!

So don't disappoint your parents, and make them proud!

Alam mo Anne, you should consider yourself lucky, you know why? Kasi, marami sa nsa same age with you, most of them are workin' and making themselves stress with work. The worst scenario, may mga nsa age mo ang isa nang ganap na "nanay" ngayon, So you should consider yourself lucky dahil nsa right path ka, and you should be thankful for that.

Happy Birthday... And don't forget to thanks your parents :) See you later...