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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Couple get laid! Lust or Last?

To witness this kind of scenario over the train is not new to me. Once again, just recently a new eye popping Filipino couple are kissing intimately onboard at SMRT. I was so pissed and being destructed to see people making out in public.

Ok let's give them a break! let say you can't take it anymore but where the heck on earth you can see such things that couple are doing this in public transport. OMG! Asan na ang sinasabing Maria Clara? I believe that they are not couple they are more likely to me a lovers! A lovers that has their own family wayback in the Philippines!

Come'n You are not teenager to do that intimacy in public! For god sake give yourself a damn face...

I have no idea what are on their mind, are they really in love with each other or it is just a leisure and lust!

I don't give any care to what this guys are doing but hello! There are CHILDREN or underage on board, be a role model pls!

It is not good to hear from other races na pinagtatawanan nila ang ibang Pinoy here in abroad, pero paano natin masisisi kung ganyan ang ipinapakita natin in public!

From the way i look at them, they are not couple! What's your POV guys.... wanna share some thoughts?

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