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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's my Hon's Bday....

Two years of celebrating her birthday without me on her side...Nakaka miss...but if i really have a way to be with her on her birthday why should i not take that chance, but unfortunately WALA! Kaya here I am...dadaanin sa blog ang greetings ko for my wife.

Message to my wife...::

Hon...How young are you hon? 19? hehe.., Anyway..another year has been added to your life, wish you to have a good health...I know that your facing some health problem right now, but as what i've always said we're here for you...This sounds corny but i really care for you. I know that you old ate AGE but you are still young at HEART!

Hon, sana maging ok na yung health mo i know na nahihirapan ka but the only thing that i can do is to ask the Guy up above to give you a good health...that's the only thing that i can do, and i know he has a heart and He will give you what we wish for.

Just keep on Thanking to the big Guy up above, cos he knows what you need and he knows what you don't. Just keep on moving hon...If you feel that your down and feel so unsure, just pause a seconds and take a deep breathe, but if you really don't know what to do I can offer my hand to hold you and we will walk together, and my shoulder for you to lean on if you feel tired of every problem.

I know that God is Good at hindi ka nya pababayaan... Happy Birthday Hon...and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! And i want the whole world to know that I'm so proud that you are my WIFE!!!


  1. Hapi Bday sa iyong hon. hope she get well na. just bloghopping. i wish we could ex link. tnx.

  2. helu sempai. naad na keta sa bloglinks ku. sana ad mo den ako. tnx uli at belated key hon mo. :)


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