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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tortugas Bridge Finally done, but still....

Yes, the title says it all! Tortugas bridge was finally done and open for public after an almost a year of re-construction! And of course it will not be happen without the help of the local government of the City of Balanga.

The inauguration of the said bridge was held on 25th of September 2010 lead by the Governor of Bataan Hon. Tet Garcia and Mayor Joet Garcia together with the City Councilor of Balanga.

It is such a big help to all the residents of Barangay Tortugas especially to all those "Biyaheros" - the person who delivers "Bagoong" to other places and to those who used this bridge as a main source of transportation to cross over to the other barrio and to those who used this bridge for their businesses.

But there's one thing that I've observe on that bridge. The fact that this bridge is too slope for the motorist and i have a doubt that not all motorist will easily drive through this bridge, and i proved it correct!

Motorists are struggling to drive up to the bridge, especially those who drive an old motorcycles and those who are riding a bicycles like the one in the picture. Imagine how the lady struggle to drive to that bridge? And she still needs to go down and push her bicycle instead.

I hope that the city government of balanga and the local government of tortugas do something to eliminate or even ease or lessen the difficulties of the driver who used that bridge as a main source of transportation.

Nevertheless, this step by the local and city government shows that they are willing to help the people of the city and the people living in the barrios by providing them a service that will benefits the residents and the people going to Barangay Tortugas. Since the bridge was already open, expect the visitors of Tortugas Baypark to boom and to increased as per normal.

I know that in the end of the day, if the city government tried to re-construct the bridge and make it slightly lower from the main road it would be better for all the travelers who wants to travel in and out from the beautiful barrio of Tortugas.