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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Expect the unexpected: 8 months to go to meet my new Baby - Balanga City

Balanga City, Bataan -  Yes! I guess this is the perfect timing for me and my wife to have our youngest and hopefully NOT our last cos I’m thinking of having a very big family – A number of children that when we walk on the road together people will surely have a second look and say OMG!

Although we didn’t expect that she will get pregnant this time due to her condition, both of us are still hoping that maybe someday she will get pregnant. And I guess the Lord hears what we prayed for, and I guess it’s a God given gift for us and to unite us once again after our almost 2 years of trials that tests our strong faith and trust with HIM!  

Anyway, after she undergoes an operation before her delivery of our youngest son, we are all well-versed that it is not advisable for her to have another child. It is not because she’s unable to pregnant but it is because of her condition that might able to put her at risk. The fact that her left ovary was being removed due to some disease, me and my wife didn’t lose any hope that if it is for us then God will give it to us.
To cut the story short, I have decided to bring my wife here in Singapore just to have a good rest and to keep her away from all the pain that she’d been through all these years. Since I promised her that I will bring her here in Singapore after my last vacation in the Philippines and i keep that promise so I immediately book her flight right after that.

We enjoy every moment that we are together, and even though I am too busy with my work I always make it sure that once we have time together I will make it memorable and full of fun.
The good thing with my wife is she’s not a materialistic person – she’s happy enough with whatever things you give to her. Even if it is a simple ice cream to puff or just a simple food to eat she’s happy with that.
I know I didn’t give much to her but one thing I’m sure every moment that we were together are MEMORABLE! And that’s priceless!

After a month of vacation it’s time to say goodbye to her – she have to go back to the Philippines to go back to the role of being a MOTHER to our children. Her one month DAY OFF has been paid off with laughter, more bonding, more trust and love with each other.

She left the city of Singapore with a happy thoughts and treasured memories with me and the rest of the people at home. And now I am very much proud with head up high to say that YEAH! I’m a FATHER once again! Made in Singapore!

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