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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Overpass Pedestrian To Rise In Balanga - Kumusta na kaya?

It was a dream come true to all the people of Balanga especially for those who are working and studying at Bataan National High School when Congressman Abet S. Garcia and Mayor Joet Garcia announce the ground breaking of the new city project that will help people especially those pregnant and partly disabled pedestrians to cross the road with ease.

A 27 meters overpass bridge are planned to be erected at the Roman Super Hi-way connecting bridge to help students, teachers and other pedestrians crossing the delinquent road.

I still remember what Congressman Abet Garcia quoted during the ground breaking ceremony that day.
“With the pedestrian overpass, students and other pedestrians will have a safe passage without the need of traversing direct to the wide highway,” 

After few months after the ground breaking held last May this year, and i'm just wondering what are the progress now? Actually the bridge are targeted to finish by August this year.

Accident to that road is not new to all the people of the city of Balanga due to its wide and slope road pedestrians are having difficulty traversing to other road. But with the help of the new overpass people are expected to have a safe and peaceful journey.

To the city government of Balanga, thank you so much! We are looking forward for new face of the city.

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  1. hi good day sir Abet Garcia, hoping that your project regarding the foot bridge would finish soon. for the sake of the people especially the students. we couldn't rely our lives with those unruly and undiscipline tricycle drivers. Hoping that you could help us with these concern. God bless sir.


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