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Monday, June 1, 2009

Philippine National Bank Balanga Branch :: Mataray ang Teller

I reached home today at around 7pm Singapore time, i saw my sister cooking and i approach her and ask her whether my sister in Philippines get the money that i've sent last Saturday through PNB- Balanga Branch. Then my sister told me, yes they received it already but my sister is complaining about the teller of the said bank, according to her the teller act like an un-educated person. So i was shocked on what my sister told me and she tell me the whole story.

As what my sister told me, after they receive the money that we've sent to them they tried to do a fund transferring to their another account. Which is they not usually do, coz they only doing withdrawal transaction for most of the time, so what they did they ask the teller who is in charge to them and ask for help.

The teller assist them and check the account to be transferring with, then the teller tell them that, that account is registered to other branch. So my sister say "Impossible because we open it here and we deposited on that account for so many times"

Then the teller say impossible ma'am coz i check it and it was registered to other branch so we need to charge you for transferring if you wanted to.

And after a few talks with the teller the teller entertain the other person besides them without clarifying or giving them a correct details or information, so what my sister did is approach another teller and ask for help for further instruction on regarding the matter.

So when the other teller entertain them, the previous teller who is in charge to them say this.

Ang haba haba na ng sinabi ko hindi na naintindihan...Ano ba yan!
with ugly facial expression from her face. Actually they must not act like that, they should not do that and show that kind of attitude not even to my sister but to all of their client.

I don't have any idea why they must act like that, maybe because my sister has a small amount of money to be transfer? I don't want to think those stupid thing but because of the incident what would think why did they do that. Is it maybe because the other client has a big amount to be withdrawn, transfer or whatever?

My point is why did they need to act stupid, that was job actually no matter how slow the customer is they must entertain it with a good heart, cos without this customers they don't have any work to do.

So to that teller, i hope you improve your personality so next time you will not do this thing again.


  1. Dapat hindi nya ginawa yun di ba... I mean, she earns her living assisting and servicing people. She should do it nicely and with a smile on her face!

  2. tsk tsk tsk... sawang sawa na sa trabaho nya bakit hindi pa mag resign yan. dapat wala sya sa ganyang klase ng trabaho. daming ganyan dito sa atin. kaya hindi umuunlad ang buhay ng mga ganyang klase ng tao.

    pwede ba malaman ano name?

  3. I have the name of the teller pero ayaw ko na i mention kasi nakakaawa din nman xa. Hopefully maging fair n ang maging treatment nya sa customer nila.


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