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Sunday, August 27, 2006

What a day!!!

yesterday... a friend of mine ask me to attend the christening of his brother....because of that request, i together with some of my friends go their to attend the party, unfortunately while we we're on our way, some of my friend ask "pare alam nyo ba ang bahay nun?" which means no one of us knows the exact location of the celebration.. while we were walking we see a party, and i said to myself "ito na ata yun", then i told to my friends....mga pre... ito na ata yun oh.. may party dito eh.. afterwards we go inside the party then while ago... my friend ask one of the person inside the house and ask "andito po ba si Anthrax" Anthrax is our friend who invite us to attend the celebration... then the unknown person says... Anthrax???...then my friend says.."Michael...that's his real name... then the unknown person replied...ahhh... ic...Michael...sorry there's no Michael lives here... then me and my friends take a look with each other and we do nothing but to laugh and laugh until we left that house... while we're on our way to get back home we see another party and God... that's the party that we needed to attend... hahahaha.... what a funny experience that i can't forget... hahahaha

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