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Sunday, October 1, 2006

After the Milenyo

From 1pm Friday till 12pm Sunday, we have an electricity problem due to Typhoon Milenyo. Many Trees, Electric posts and Hordes of Billboards are toppling down and cause the chaos in several places here in the Philippines. We suffered two days of torments looking on every darkside of our house, and my little angel got sick. I didn't know what to do because my baby feels irritably on his bed.

We’ve spent almost 3 days of utter darkness and my little baby are getting better after suffering from her cough and flu.

If I would be to asked, I don't want that tragedy to be happen again, because in almost 3 days of complete utter of darkness I feel so terribly irritate especially when I see my little angel crying because of irritate feelings.

I've try to post some pictures but my server are down.. i'll to post some pictures later on..please keep in touch...

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