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Monday, February 19, 2007

Britney Spears, a pair of tattoo and a bunch of shave head

Britney Spears fans are shocked with her new hair style, this is after she go to her hair stylist and asked her stylist to shave her head, due to doubt that Britney Spears are just kidding, her stylist refuse her request, and after that Britney Spears grabbed the clipper and shaved her head with herself.
After that shocking hair style, Britney Spears are caught by one of the Los Angeles Television videographer and grabbed a video of her on a tattoo parlor. She was there to get a couple of tattoo on her wrist, a pair of pink and red lips. According to US Magazine, Ms. Spears got a black, white and pink cross tattooed on her lower lips, for whatever purpose she's the only who knows why.
A parlor employee said Spears showed up unannounced and stayed for about 90 minutes, while dozens of fans, photographers and gawkers gathered outside.
The employee told US Magazine that Spears was agitated when she arrived at the tattoo parlor and that when someone asked her why she shaved her head, Spears said, “I don’t want anyone touching me. I’m tired of everybody touching me.”

The woman said Spears “wasn’t making sense at all” and that it seemed like she wasn’t in a good place. She said Spears was “totally freaking out.”

“She was a nightmare to deal with,” the woman told the magazine. “She was screaming and flipping out from the pain and wiggling her body all around.”

Police eventually arrived to control the crowd and help Spears’ bodyguards guide her into a waiting SUV. And by that time, she had covered her head with the hood of a sweatshirt.
As for the new bald look, one fan who’s not terribly thrilled said, “It looks terrible.”
Earlier in the week, Spears checked into a rehabilitation facility and then quickly checked out, People Magazine reported.

People reported that the pop diva checked herself into Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Centre in Antigua but left after one day.
Meanwhile, an e-mail on Tuesday from Spears’ former assistant said the pop star needs to get her act together because she is headed for “rock bottom.”

Since filing for divorce from Kevin Federline in November, Spears has drawn criticism for her drinking, partying and sloppy appearance.

In her e-mail, Culotta said that Spears’ family and close friends are trying to help her. Culotta said she is now working as a corporate flight attendant and living in Mississippi.

According to the famous psychiatrist in Los Angeles, if Britney Spears continue her unexplained mental behavior, there is a possibility that the incident that happen to Nicole Anne Smith will be soon her destiny, and soon it will cause the end of her career.


  1. Hard to believe this is the same Britney Spears that was everywhere a few years ago. Well she's still everywhere, but now its for acting wacko. She appears to be coming apart at the seams right in front of our eyes.

    A few years ago she marries a childhood friend, and that lasts about one day.

    She then marries some golddigger (Federline) who takes complete advantage of her. He even goes as far as uploading a private sex tape that he and Britney made. It becomes known as the Britney Spears sex tape and ends up on some of those video dump sites like liveleek and dailymotion. Even now it can still be found on sites like (NSFW). How does she live that down?

    She never should have started hanging around with Paris Hilton and company either. They're toxic

    Now she cuts off her hair because she's mad at her mom?



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