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Thursday, February 1, 2007

A poem for you

Since the valentine is near to come, i think its the right time to share something new with my blog, here's a poem of true love, hope you'll like it.

I felt the urge to put my feelings in writing
Because being with you was really exciting
You are my eternal sunshine
You are my true valentine

Meeting you was like winning the grand prize
but I definitely choose you, above a sum of any size
Words cannot express
What I felt when you said 'yes'

We met each other, some time ago
It was the first time we said 'Hello'
I anxiously await our time ahead
For now, I keep dreaming of you instead

I hope we make it, I hope it will be fast
I hope the moment forever lasts
This poem has come to an end
See you soon, my dearest friend


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