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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Balanga City :: Under the new leadership

After the long run election, Joet Garcia won the mayorial position against Melanio Banzon the former Mayor of Balanga City. But before the end of counting of ER's iba't ibang reaksyon from both parties ang maririnig nyo. Well that's part of the game, if you LOST sinasabi dinaya ka, and if you WIN they say na nandaya ka, i think this is one of the culture of the Filipinos Dinaya or Nandaya or whatever, but the important thing is makatulong ka sa bayan mo especially if you are on a role of being a Mayor. Althoug Boying Banzon is not that bad when he is the mayor, isa lang masasabi ko sa kanya he is a very old fashion Mayor i've ever seen. Kasi naman lahat ng iniwan na kasiyahan ni Mayor Abet Garcia which is now the Congressman of 2nd district here in Bataan eh nawala when he become the Mayor of Balanga. For instance the yearly celebration of Street Dancing, before kasi when Congressman Abet was our City Mayor super ganda ng street dancing at talagang dinadayo even by the tourist. Pero nung umupo na si Boying Banzon unti unti nang nawalan ng saysay ang Street Dancing, actually this last Fiesta of Balanga we don't have that yearly street dancing competition. Well let's face the truth Mayor Banzon is old fashion kaya nya inalis ang mga kasiyahan ng kabataan.

And now under the new Mayor, tingnan natin if there is any changes in lifestyle here in Balanga City, tingnan natin ang mga ipinangako nya during the campaign period, they say that bigyan lang daw sila ng isang term eh mararamdaman na ng lungsod ng balanga ang pagbabago. That's not bad, tingnan natin kung anong pagbabago nga ang sinasabi nya.

Since it's almost two weeks after Joet Garcia proclaimed as the city Mayor, meron na nga ako nakitang konting pagbabago. I am expecting a lot from him, and let me see what he can do this coming years under ileadership.

Goodluck for the new city mayor of Balanga, Mayor Joet Garcia, although may mga nagsasabi na hindi maganda ang epekto ng DYNASTY tingnan parin natin kung ano ang magagawa ng Tatay ay Gobernador, Panganay ay Congressman at bunso ay Mayor. We the people of Balanga are expecting for many changes here at our beloved city, and that changes will start NOW!


  1. sa july 2 pa uupo si joet. si boying pa din ang mayor ngayon.

  2. Haay. . . .
    Tell me old-fashioned. . .mayor B
    At least he makes the "kabataan"
    More mature and more responsible to its moral acts inside Balanga,
    hindi lng dapat puro kasiyahan ang Balanga. the kabataan plays a big part in this society, and isipin mo na ung sinasabi mong, changes will start to change NOW talagang mangyayari un lalong ka or ang magulang mo ang maghihirap, dahil sa utang ng Garcia sa Bataan that was released on a local newspaper, sa tingin mo paano natin mababayaran ang 1.4 billion pesos kung ang income ng bataan does not even reach 200m pesos a year! And how would you possibly know all this when you even dont know the wole story, kung alam mo lng nagsampa ng kaso sila Fr. Jerry of Cupang against the Garcia's for political harassing the part of Cupang and the Rest known , before ka magbitaw ng ganyang opinion on your blog, alamin mo muna ang lahat...

  3. hi there, im not saying this because i love the 3G, besides we have our own right of expression. Well according to you(anonymous, di mo kc nilagay name mo eh kaya anonymous na lang ha) may utang ang Garcia na 1.4 billion thanks for that info, at sabi mo rin na wala pa sa 200m ang income ng city a year salamat ulit dyan sa info na yan. anyway, how can you say na naging mature ang mga kabataan ng balanga try to look at yourself and ask your self. Actually i made this blog dahil gusto ko maibalita sa lahat, lahat ng nangyayari pangit man o maganda, i just wanted to be the balangueƱos to be open minded on what are the things going on. I don't mean to hurt your feelings pero i will continue posting anything i want on my BLOG, and thanks for your comment anyway, it would make me famous. Thanks.

  4. Look, it's your blog, I'm not depriving you of anything, and yes, I am aware of freedom of expression, I merely said that you should know all of the facts before posting such an entry.

    Being more open-minded...Oh, so you're being open-minded to political dynasty then? Are you even aware that there is a provision in the 1987 Constitution that prohibits Political Dynasty? Then again, even if the COMELEC allowed the running of the Garcias, it only shows how undisciplined we are and how we easily submit to this kind of unfairness. Open-mindedness, yes, to unfairness and to a prohibited activity that is being absentmindedly done in several provinces across the country, including our own Bataan. Good luck nalang sa atin.

    Oh, and don't worry, you didn't hurt my feelings at all, I just felt like putting my 2 cents in.

    Plus, I found some grammatical errors which I will be polite enough not to point out.

    Then again, it's YOUR blog, as you say.

  5. talaga, may mga na-notice ka na mga pagbabago? well, i'm sorry to tell you this pero un mga pagbabago na un is still under the administration of mayor boying dahil si joet eh sa july pa officially magiging mayor. so you'll hafta wait a coupla weeks more to see the changes that you're saying. but then again, you yourself said you've noticed changes already. kindly give credit to mayor boying still then.

    another point that you have to understand is that naging malungkot nga ba un balanga during the administration of mayor boying? you being a supporter of the garcias may have been too apathetic of what is happening in balanga during the administration of mayor boying.

    and another thing that you pointed out is the street dancing. are you even aware of how much the street dancing costs and the effort that is exerted in that activity? are you aware that elementary students have to practice for how many weeks and walk under the scorching heat of the sun for hours? well, im not saying that the street dancing should be really abolished, im really not aware of its effects tourism-wise. pero seeing the hardship of the kids, they're really nakakaawa. as in nognog, after the parade.

    pangit or maganda, you'll post in your blog. i hope that you'll not be biased as well. but then, your blog, not mine.

    maybe i should make my own blog? ;)

  6. Woooot time out! Before any debate and/or word war starts, let me put my 2 cents in as well.

    I see your point, anonymous, that sempai should have put in a few more points (good or bad) about the past mayor aside from saying he's old fashion, but I can see his post was just opinion-based, just pointing out that there was something amiss during boying's time of mayorship. Maybe he didn't want to go through facts since everyone politically-aware, such as yourself, know about it. -shrugs- maybe you should start a blog. And tell us the URL ha so we can pick on your brain as well.

    I believe he's just pointing out that there is a new mayor coming in town, not necessarily saying he's for the dynasty but apparently Garcia's won the position for mayor, plain and simple. Whether you or sempai or his dog or my cat voted him or not, the bunso has won and will be taking over. Get over it. And if you got problems with the upcoming mayor, then I don't think this is the right place to be pouring it out. Let's just hope that good changes do happen even if we are being cynical about Balanga's current politics.

    And since we're all being polite here, before leaving underhanded mockery about someone else's grammatical errors, why don't you watch your own comments darlin' ;)

  7. Congratulations!!!

    You've arrive at the top 4 blog related to "Balanga City."

    I am a friend of sempai and I'm glad that at last somebody had heard and read this blog specially people like you who reside in Balanga, I suppose. I am not a resident of Balanga, but I am also very much aware of the political changes and occurrences here in Bataan. For your info, I've been staying here in Bataan since 1994 and I have heard and seen particular events regarding Bataan.

    Thought sempai stated something that stimulates your senses, as far as I know, blogging is a place where you could input anything you like, anything you want to share with your reader. Since this is sempai's place, it is his prerogative to write anything in his blog base, of course, on his own understanding.

    You've mention about creating your own blog, sana gumawa ka na noon pa. This will at least contribute to lessen the illiteracy rate that has been lurking on Asian countries about Filipino people. I am sure you will be inputting informative data in your blog that could enlighten every individual in this community. It's not Bataan community, but the virtual community where there are only 12 million out of the 85 million population (as of 2003) of Filipino people are using the internet. Only 10 percent of 12 million is aware on the real essence of internet. Most of our brothers and sisters utilized the internet as a source of information, chatting with friends and sending and receiving emails, not to mention social sites where some of us gain friends. This is, of course, one of the usage of internet, but for you and your blog or your website to be know worldwide, to generate income with it is another thing.

    Just like sempai, I have also a blog that features something unfavorable not only on your taste but to the Filipino people who had been seeking answers to their questions.

    Please post a comment on my blog too. tnx.

  8. Actually I do have a blog, although contrary to the fact that I had posted in a topic about politics, writing about politics in my blog isn't exactly my cup of tea. Heck, that's what my column in our school paper is for.

    I too wouldn't want to start a word war, especially with those people coming from the same province as I do, but I was merely commenting on his entry. Isn't that the purpose of the 'Comments' section?

    And sadly, no, I do not vote yet. However, I believe that I am old enough to understand what is happening in our city politics-wise.

    I just wanted to put my point across. And now that I did...I'll stop for now. I didn't mean to attack anyone from here personally. And besides, I know that my comments will not stop 'sempai' from posting, because it IS HIS blog. Thanks for having me here anyway.

  9. Well, I do not agree with Sempai that Boying is old-fashioned. I think he is "backward". I am a relative of his, but I do not have reservations about telling everyone that I did not vote for him because to me, he is inept, incompetent and sadly lacking of leadership qualities that any mayor of a city like Balanga should possess. If you choose to serve the people, you do it with honesty, integrity and compassion; not to enrich your pocketbook and wait until the next election. Anyway, can anyone tell me what he has really done during the years that he was in office? This I mean - as in substance and upliftment for the majority and the "little" people of Balanga? Well, I am not really crazy about the Garcias either - afterall, they are also my relatives. But as they say, you choose the lesser evil! I am prepared to give Joet a chance to change the status quo. And if he leads like his brother Abet, I will not hesitate to vote for him again next time around!

  10. I am not from Balanga but I do know your mayor on a personal level. In the 8 years that we have been friends, there is no one else that I know of that is more hardworking, full of integrity, most sincere and possesses a healthy fear of God among the people I know (and there are a lot).

    Anyway, you have given him a chance, now sit back, relax and watch what he can and will do for your city.

  11. abet garcia is HOT... y isnt he married?


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