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Friday, November 28, 2008

Hope you feel the same way too....

November is near to end, yet i still have the feeling of loneliness and i feel that some part of me is missing and I cannot determine what it is. Do you think it’s normal? Is it a natural feeling of excitement or I’m just being exaggerated, yah I know I’ll be home this Christmas but i don't know how to explain my feelings, you know the feelings that you wanted to pull the date and set it to the day when was your flight is.

3 Weeks after this post is the schedule of my flight back to my homeland and I cannot wait to that day to see my family specially my wife…my daughter and of course my little boy “Micron”

I remember during this season, me together with my wife and my cute little angel Ashley setting up our Christmas tree at home and wrapping gifts for our friends and love one.

Sometimes when I was alone, I always talk to myself and ask this question….

How are they now…are they missing me too? Are they feeling comfortable without me on their side? Or are they safe from harm?

Those are the questions that keep on playing on my mind whenever I’m alone. And I hope that I will find the answer after I get back home.

I miss them so much…

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