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Saturday, September 4, 2010 Unguis incarnatus is killing me!

It was few days ago when i feel the pain on my toenail, i just ignore it for the thinking that it was just normal or just because my nail is too long and might need to cut.

Then after i feel so irritated with my toenail i cut it out using my old big nail cutter... lol! after i cut my toenail, i thought that it was the end of my misery, i mean the unusual feeling along the margins of my nails. I am wrong, actually that was the start of my nightmare.

After bathing, i try to clean my nail with the normal thing that i usually do, remove the dirt surrounds the margins and that's it. I didn't know that my nightmare will kick in as quick as a sh!t, after i put on my socks and wear my shoe i feel that there's something wrong on my feet, my toe feels so sensitive in every steps i make.

"Oh God... ang sakit ng paa ko" that's the only word that comes out from my beautiful lips (naks naman) and everytime i step napapakagat labi ako because of the pain.

I don't give a damn care about the pain and instead, i make my way to work and after a long day of work, i can still feel the irritating feeling all over my toenail. Time has past and but the pain was still there, so when i reach home i immediately take out my shoe and take a look what's happening inside my sting socks, and i am shock of what i've seen a bloody finger toe stuck on my socks. I slowly remove it feeling that it was the end of the world, i can really see the tissues bumping up on my toenail and the only thing that i can do is to shake my head while uttering this words "Aray sh!t and sakit".

I tried to think what are the real cause of this unguis incarnatus or what we usually called "ingrown". And i found out that one of the reason is our uncomfortable socks and tight shoes. But i tell to myself how could it be eh maluluwang ang medyas ko wala na ngang garter! Or if the reason is my shoe, impossible din naman dahil maluwag rin ang sapatos ko! So naisip ko, hindi kaya dahil kelangan ko na labhan ang shoes ko!!! hmmnnn...

Nangiti na lang ako at sabay sabi ng "Siguro nga dahil sobra dumi ng shoes ko kaya ako nagkaron ng ingrown"

So guys, if you don't want to suffer these pain i advice you to wash your shoes atleast once a week. And keep your socks clean and disenfected, not too tight to your feet. Wear a comfortable shoes and socks to avoid this miserable feeling of pain!

Hope you like my post! See yah!


  1. Unguis incarnatus (nosebleed) lol
    The best thing to do with your Unguis incarnatus is to cut your Bigtoe off :D (JOKE) Take good care of your hairy toes my Best Friend because were going to walk all over the Balanga City just like old times. See you soon....

  2. Yeah..actually i miss balanga so habang nandito ako ulit susulitin ko na magtingin tingin ng mga lumang nakaraan na pwedeng sariwain..hehehe..pasyal ka naman s bahay..

  3. yeh ur ryt masarap makasama ang mga taong mahal mo.sana nga pwede ko ding makasama ang taong pinakamamahal ko,ang sarap basahin ng mga blog mo alam mo ba un.meron akong nafefeel s puso ko n di ko maipaliwanag.ang sarap siguro ng pakiramdam kung nayayakap at nakakasama mo ang taong mahal mo no.hindi ko kasi nafefeel yan eh mahirap ang sitwasyon ko.u must be so lucky sir!godbless u!


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