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Saturday, October 4, 2008

False Alarm!!!

It was Friday when my wife sends an sms telling me that she's already delivered my second child, I'm kinda surprised well siyempre we're waiting for it for a very long time. Imagine after almost 6 years of waiting, now here she is giving me a baby boy which is every father's wish; to have a baby boy.

Actually, i was having my lunch with my boss and colleagues when my wife tells me that she was gave birth. And I'm kinda excited and i can't help myself to tell it loud and proud in front of my colleagues.

My boss congratulates me, and he asked me to celebrate it. I just replied him with a smile and say..."Thanks sir"

I was so happy and excited that day, and i can't wait to go back home just to tell it personally to my mom and sister.

After my work, I'm rushing to reach home when suddenly my wife call me telling me that it was a JOKE she's just playing trick with me. Actually she really go to hospital because of labour pain, but the doctor tell her that it's not a labour pain and it's just a FALSE ALARM.. her doctor ask her to go home and take a rest.

We end up laughing, but still my excitement is here because i know one of this day she will delivered my second child and it's a BOY!


  1. congratulations sempai, kahit na false alarm :) nandyan na yan e lol! salamat sa pagdalaw!

  2. Wow, isang Libra mabait yan. congrats sa bagong tatay!

  3. @kaka...oo nga eh..bagong tatay n nman...mas exciting..kaso tuwing manganganak nlng si misis wala ako sa amin..hahaha...

    @manilenya..salamat, tama ka intay nlng ang araw ng paglabas ng baby..hihi


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