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Saturday, September 19, 2009

If you have a chance uuwi ka ba???

This is one questions na hindi ko nasagot sa sarili ko, actually i'm planning to surprise my daughter on her 7th birthday this coming 26th of September, but i think it is not possible this time, first reason is - i don't know if my boss will allow me to go back to Philippines because we have a lot of things to do at office. The other reason is "financial problem" which is i know hindi lang ako ang may ganitong problema.

I tell to myself na oo nga makakauwi ako but paano na after that?... There's no problem with my plane ticket but i don't have enough money to spend during my stay in Philippines.

But if i really have a chance i wanted to be with my daughter on her 7th birthday, i want to dance her during the party, and show to her how much i love her and how much she mean to me.

I don't know kung nagtatampo ang baby ko sa akin, coz my wife told me that my daughter ask her kung makakauwi ba ako sa birthday nya. So my wife told her that i cannot make it. And don't have time to go back to Philippines. And you know how my daughter response? She told to her mom, "Ma, bakit nung binyag ng kapatid ko umuwi si papa, hindi na ba nya ako love"

Imagine those words na maririnig mo from your daughter, napakahirap dba. That's why i told to my wife, if i really have a chance, and if my money comes on time, why i should not come on her birthday, the fact that i really miss them so much and i want to be with them on this special occasion for my daughter.

Until now i'm still wishing and hoping that one miracle will happen, sana makarating ang inaasahan kong pera at makauwi ako on the day of my daughter's birthday.

So wish me luck!

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