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Thursday, July 15, 2010

After 4 years of blogging! A new update for my personal blog

Update?... Hmmnn...I can't really imagine that this blog is already 4 years old. That's quite old in terms of website or blog.I mean 4 years is a very long years of blogging am i right? If i'm not wrong it was year 2006 when i started this blog with the influence of my college instructor/mentor Eduardo Pudol and a friend of mine joiz santos, joiz is the one who asked me to pursue my blogging career. And i really thank them for that.

Actually, It's been a long time since my last post on this blog which is very obvious if you look at my last post, and i don't even give time to visit my co-bloggers blog which is i dunno if they can still recognize my blog.

Anyway after that long lost years of absence in blogging here i am again, willing to share to all my readers the latest happenings in my life, not only my personal life but the people around me and my beloved balanga city where i was born and grew up.

I've been busy for almost a year doing my stuff, and giving my full time, effort, energy and dedication to my work. And now i'm planning to start a new beginning not just for myself but for my family indeed. Recently I started to open my own outsourcing services base here in Singapore, which i hope to boom and to have more clients. So wish me luck for that.

Since this is my first post this 2010, let me welcome you once again to my random world. Here's my plan for this year and what you were expected.
1. Post my updated Articles about the city of balanga.
2. Post my personal experiences which i hope can inspired every readers like you.
3. Provide you the latest topic that buzz up the world of internet.
4. Photos of me, which i think not necessary but for the sake of fun and entertainment i will put it up for you.

And other exciting stuff that will suit your appetite. Happy Blogging everyone!


  1. Good luck sa outsourcing business mo.... If you need staff just tell us here in the Philippines we can provide you some hehehehehhe

  2. Hi sir...thanks a lot po...opo sir pag po nangailangan ako sabihan ko po kayo..salamat po ulit..

  3. congratz u are moving on!im sure pipol hu loves u are extremely proud of u.sana kaya din akong ipagmalaki ng taong pinakamamahal ko katulad ng gingawa kong pagmamalaki s knya.minsa hindi ko alam kung ano ang totoo at hindi s knya!pero sna palagi pa rin syang gabayan ng nasa taas!


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