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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Officers abusing there power should be punished!

When I’m browsing my facebook page, I saw one video that hook my interest. A video of students from PMI Bacolod who’s allegedly haze the freshmen students. On the video itself you can see a mistreatment of these officers to their subordinate that cause them to be tremendously hurt and beaten by their officers.

I don’t know why they have to do such things to their subordinate, which is I think not part of their curriculum. People might think that this is stupid, but YES! These are stupid act from officers itself.

Dapat bilang officer, ikaw mismo ang maging huwaran ng mga estudyante hindi yung sa inyo pa mismo nagsisimula ang mga kagaguhan na yan.
I don’t know why the people behind this video act like they are KING and they can beat their subordinates however they want.

You crazy people must send to jail, that was unethical attitude from an officer like you. You are disgrace to our country and you must be punished by law.
Law? Ooppss sorry…Is there a law for this kind of things? Oh I forgot they are from the Philippines and justice is for all those people who are in white-collar attire. Sorry to say that but I find it true!

I hope that the local government will take action about this mishandling of the officers to their subordinate and I hope that these people will be punished accordingly. Shame on you people who’s on this video!

Maging makatao naman tayo mga Pinoy! Sirang sira na nga tayo ganyan pa ang inaasal nyo, I admit I am not perfect but to do that kind of things? HELL NO! I am not tolerating that kind of things at sana matauhan kayo mga gunggong!

You can watch the video over here

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  1. tama i think i saw that video to.marami tlgang ganyan tao.gumwa sila ng mga bagay na nakakasakit ng iba.meron nmn mga tao na nagpapanggap at nanloloko ng iba para lng s mga sarili nilng kapakanan,hindi nila iniisip na meron silang ibang tao n nasasaktan at nasasagasaan.sana nmn maisip nila na di tama ang mga gingawa nila.godbless!


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