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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Whose Fault? Hostage Drama in Manila Philippines

Wherever we are, and when we tried to read newspapers there is one topic on every front page of it - The Hostage drama in Manila Philippines.
But what is the big deal about this news and why all people are interested and getting hooked on this news. Is it because this is the talk of the town? Or maybe it is the news that shocks the nation?

For me, personally speaking as a Filipino I am not affected by this news unlike my fellow countrymen whose working abroad especially Hong-Kong, but of course my sympathy to the victim and to their relatives and love ones are there. I am not affected in the sense that nobody asks me about the situation and how are we going to handle these as a Filipino.

I must admit that this issue is not that simple, and to be honest with you when I watch the news and read some articles about the drama I felt that there is something wrong in between the person involved on the hostage taking ( Mendoza) and the people whose communicating with him (Media, Police officers, Relatives etc)

Why does these thing happen in the first place? What are the reasons why Mendoza comes up to this point of killing people? Is he under the influence of drugs? Is he stressed out or something? Or there is something “BEHIND” this drama? Well, nobody knows!

Actually when I heard the interview on one of the hostages that he had been released, I feel like Mr. Mendoza is such a nice guy, imagine those words coming from the victims saying that “At first we are scared at him, but after a while about 20 minutes we are not scared anymore” So it means Mendoza shows respect and good attitude to all the hostages – correct me if I’m wrong but whose hostage will say that their hostage taker is such a good man? Nobody right???

At the back of my mind there are questions that I need to be answered – Is it the hostage taker himself killed the hostages? Or the people who tried to assassinate the hostage taker? Well, this is another story and we all have no IDEA at all!
But what I know at this point of time that Mr. Mendoza is seeking for help to be back in the service, but why they don’t let that to happen and let this tragic become worst to the extent of killing our tourists who only want to see the beauty of our country and the people within.

To the government – how can you answer to this kind of situation? And what are the plans that clouded up on your mind to bring back the trust of the people outside our country?

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  1. mahirap siguro magbanggit kung sino tlga ang may kasalanan s pangyayari na yan.pero sabi nga sakin ng pinakamamahal ko ang nagiisang tao na nagpaikot s mundo ko sabi nya nga "sana ibinigay n lng ng mga officer ang demand ng nanghostage at para mailigtas lng ang mga hostage n chinese"naalala ko pa nung sinsabi nya sakin yan inis n inis sya,ang totoo nun hindi ko tlga alam ang totoong kwento ng drama na yan sya lng ang nagkwento sakin ng story over the phone!


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