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Monday, August 23, 2010

Vicman needs a Helping Hand : He's knocking on your door!

Recently a friend of mine from the Philippines told me that one of lexorsoft employee had been involved in a very tragic accident happened last Saturday 18 of August 2010.

I saw some of his pictures uploaded on the internet by my college mentor whose helping him to gather some donations from friends and other people all over the globe reachable by the power of Internet.

A donation website has been immediately created just to accumulate the desired amount needed for the operations and all of us together with his family are still praying for a miracle that someone who has a good heart will help our beloved friend Vicman Calara to support him on his operation by providing a financial assistance in cash and in kind.

To all people out there who has a good heart, our friend is seeking your help for the success of his operation.

A cash worth $5,000.00 are needed for the operation and implanting of stainless steel over his two legs to be able for him to walk and to work for his family.

As what everybody saying, Vicman is a great guy and he should not suffer the pain that he's suffering right now.

Only God can help him, and of course with our financial help for the success of his operation. Let us go hand-in-hand as we help him by donating our precious amount located on this website A helping hand for Vicman Calara, kindly open up your heart and share our blessings.

God bless you Vicman, our prayers are yours!


  1. Guys Let Us Pray and Help Vicman for his Operation... In behalf of my friends we are knocking on your heart to help our friend who is badly needed for his financial support...

  2. I would like to make this post to say thank you to all those who help us to save the two legs of Vicman Calara. Your donations and prayers help vic's fast recovery.

    Read our thank you page


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