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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Travelling back

After a 3 days overseas work in Malaysia, finally my bags are all packed and waiting for my flight to Singapore.

Taking a flight AK0715 of Air Asia your dear blogger will be seated at 15C respectively. A short journey will take me to Singapore with a positive result of my work. Within my stay in Malaysia i can say that there's a lot of new things that we need to learn from. And new experience and exposure will gives you an additional growth within our personality.

Working under the heat of the sun, i personally experience how difficult it is. Now i know that those people working in a construction site, laborer and work alike should not be judged according to their type of work.

I can say that my trip to Malaysia is such a good experience; not only for my personal working experience but the additional growth that it gives on my personality.

Dealing with other people is one of the most important thing that i learned. Not limited from communicating to those people that i don't even know their names up to speaking their local dialects just to get along with them.

One more important thing that i learned from that trip is additional confidence; A confidence that i acquired during my stay away from my homeland and working ground.

I can say that this is one of the memorable experience to me, not just because i learned a lot of new things but because this is the first time i work overseas alone.

I am going back to Singapore with a positive result and i am proud to say that my overseas trip is consider as a JOB WELL DONE!

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