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Monday, May 13, 2013

Election 2013 - Did you vote with right decision?

Philippine Voting Campaign
Philippines Election is indeed one of the most dramatic election all over the world. Maybe i was wrong with my opinion, but if you look into history, Philippines has the most intriguing issues in terms of politics.

I was born in the 80s but since then, I've always heard about "Kandidatong Nandaya", Kandidatong Dinaya" at "Kandidatong bumibili ng Boto" or most commonly used as "Vote Buying" And this time for sure, marami na namang pulitiko ang bumibili ng boto. The question is "Is it worth selling our important part of history?"

We as a voters; we are the most important factor that contributes to the outcome of our nation's political history. We are all aware about how "dirty game" politics was. Let's not just turn blind, magising tayo sa katotohanan. We have to stand for our right, not just for ourselves but on our future as well. 

If you sell your vote, yes you will be few hundred richer for a day, but how about tomorrow? how about the next day? the next month? or even on the next year? Do you think that by selling your most important contribution will help you on your daily struggling life?

Let's face the truth, oo mahirap tayo, but it doesn't mean na wala na tayong dignity pagdating sa pagboto and we will just let those politicians buy our votes for "few hundreds".

Vote buying is just like "investing on stocks market" and we as the voters are the product or services, bibilin nila tayo sa halagang mababa, and if we sell our votes to the wrong person, patay tayo. At the end of the day, those politicians who bought our votes just to be in the position will take their investment with 1000% Interest or even higher.

Wag tayong magpadala sa OFFER nila... iboto natin ang taong nararapat, bakit kailangang ibenta natin ang boto natin? Wag nating isipin ang isang araw na flow ng pera, isipin natin ang pag unlad ng bansa natin, dahil kung uunlad ang bansa natin tayo rin na mga mamamayan ang tatamasa ng kaginhawahan.

Maybe some of you will not agree with me.. Well it's your own call.. This is just my point of view.

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